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About medical-coordination.com

Offers you personal assistance on administration upon illness, case management – preparation of medical treatments and therapy (no medical service). Assistance and accompanying to medical treatments and aftercare.

assistance & services

Assistance in health issues & consultation of customers in case of illness related absenceUpon demand or necessity – guardianships with temporal limitation and / or definded in extentAccompaniment to medical appointments and assistance with the choice of the suitable treatmentCase-management – in authorization – all around the pentagon: customer / health insurance / treatment / rehabilitation / aftercareTranslation of medical documents in case of treatment abroad or of patients from abroad in the German-speaking region.

Writing will never substitute a personal conversation. Writing is also not capable to outline this complex service offer in full extent.This service is based on utmost trust, and this is why I emphasize on personal consultation.

Please ask for a personal – free of charge – appointment.

  • Adaptation of business processes in administration and logistics
  • Acquisition after previous feasibility analysis
  • Archival storage and indexing of business processes
  • Compliance of governmental statutory requirements into business processes
  • Draft of individual concepts following assessment of present business situation
  • Expansion or reduction of business procedures according to the present business status
  • Present / forecast analysis
  • Marketing and public relations following analysis of demand
  • Organization of structures
  • Outline and supervision of projects in adapted steps and concepts
  • Improvement of cost effectiveness in internal and external procedures
  • Structures optimization
  • Implementation of defined solutions and changes
  • Any negotiations and moderations
  • Optimization of Administration
  • Restructuring of administration
  • Compliance of administrative regulations

medical news

Presentation of editorial reports on health and care

Publication & presentation of doctors, clinics and therapists on medical issues

Preview to dates and topics of upcoming events

Conference dates and conference agendas

Space for advertising

medicine & therapy forum

absolute discretion and compliance with medical confidentiality and data protection

presentation of medical partners or for international medical attendance
possibility of direct contact and online consultation is possible from there
easily from at home
with individual log-in area
case management – generation of the patient file for inter-disciplinary medical evaluation
translation of patient files for international consultation and treatment

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