– DSVGO advisory services für doctors / medical offices / clinics – DSVGO advisory services für doctors / medical offices / clinics

DSVGO is a legal requirement which concerns all of us in come case since 2019. offers has a special offer check – compliance with DSVGO require- ments for the public area of medical cabinets and clinics which expires 31. March 2020

Areas for DSVGO violence can be:

  • The administration area – is situated in open space in many practices.
    There all conversations, if personal, by phone or among the staff should not be able to be over-heard by third parties.
    Possible solutions: enclose the administration with a cabin of glass or transfer the ad- ministration into a separate room.
  • Phonetic organisation – no names are to be called out.
    Possible solutions: a number system with display or haptic devices which give tone to the patient when it is his / her turn.
  • Visual requirements:
    Place a filter on the screen which prevent insight from any angle apart from the operator (polarization filter screen covers).
  • Documents
    Third parties should not have any insight into any kind of documents, who do not con- cern him directly. In many medical cabinets documents & files are placed on the coun- ter or in the field of view to others.
    Possible solutions: do not place any documents visible which can be done by re-arranging or re-organising the procedures.

Advantages for the doctor / medical office / clinic:

  • There is a voucher valid until 31.03.2020 worth the amount of 200 Euro for a short
    first-analysis / consultation. This consultation will be upon request either by phone, in
    writing or in person on site.
  • We will provide a short overview in which areas we see need for re-structuring
  • Documentation will be given to the customer and will be left for own use, free of any
  • We will set up individual offers for all partial-steps. The customer can then let the con-
    tract expire after each part or continue to implement the next step
  • No long-term contractual commitments
  • Clear calculation
  • Clear individual analysis
  • Offer to assist in proceedings-definition – preparation for DIN ISO certification
  • Assistance through the DIN / ISO audit including the certificate of approval

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