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Today I would like to introduce the outline of www.Gesundheitsportal24.info, which consists of 3 main areas. Gesundheitsportal24.info offers: recent editorial reports in the division medical news, service and assistance in the division management and services and specialists in the division medicine & therapy forum

In the division medical news – medical, interdisciplinary and editorial reports will be published. Service offers for the division management and services will be given in individual headlines to grant an overview of the wide range of offers in this division. Publications and reports from medics, on medical issues, reports from journalists and from service providers are welcome. The participation in the medical news division or in the medicine & therapy forum, including video interviews or book reviews are welcome and possible.
Please use the contact form on the Gesundheitsportal24.info site.

Further there is the division management and services here you can freely book: personal assistance & interim management – in context with and concerning the topics: medicine – illness – recovery – treatment – cost coverage applications – medical visits in Europe. Gesundheitsportal24.info exclusively offers personal interim assistance & interim management for continuation and to maintenance of your professional existence. Extensive experience in international management consultancy with emphasis on change-management on director level can be proven. Personal assistance & interim management is of course also possible for private persons. Gesundheitsportal24.info also takes care of all necessary travel arrangements and medical appointments. Hotels and limousines can also be booked with our assistance.

Assistance and support are offered to customers, who in case of illness, cannot take care of their own matters and business necessities. The customer should be enabled to concentrate on recovery and rehabilitation without having to fear the loss of the own existence. Help with the administration demands and organization prior to start of treatment is a field in which often there is no strength left to individually take care of the procedures in full extent. This is where Gesundheitsportal24.info will assist you.

Then there is the medicine & therapy forum: in this division there is a presentation of specialists and therapists in different medical and therapeutic fields. The patient or the associate is supposed to find stimulation for treatment or if wanted to find help in other medical sectors. The partners in the medicine & therapy forum work together on an interdisciplinary basis. This interdisciplinary and multi-modal cooperation of specialist fields is set up, to treat a patient and the symptoms in a holistic way.

An advantage of www.Gesundheitsportal24.info is the basic of centralized documentation. This makes it easier to share medical reports, previous reports and precious treatments. Medication from different branches could, due to centralized medication plans, be adapted to each other so that e.g. allergies, cross reactions, side effects and inter active reactions or worst; the ineffectiveness of ingredients of medication will be evaluated. A Pharmacist can help to survey the prescribed medication centralized and individually. Medication prescribed should be aligned to each other.

Gesundheitsportal24.info is a unique combination of a holistic offer: journalism in the division medical news: publication of editorial coverage, indications to publications.
Service offers in the division management and service.
Doctors, clinics & medical applications in the medicine & therapy forum

In this way the visitor receives a unique variety of information and assistance offers. In this form, there is no comparable offer. This is the unique feature of www.Gesundheitsportal24.info.

I would like to welcome you to the internet portal as guest, customer, and partner.
I will gladly answer your questions and I will of course be of service you with any further information.

Kind regards,

Daniela Schnapka

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