danger from automatic sliding roofs

danger due to automatic sliding roofs

regarding heat and living beings in a car; I would like to point out a life-threatening problem for humans and animals in modern, electronically controlled cars as in this case in the present MercedesĀ GLC SUV.

A customer reported to me:

“I have always driven cars with automatic sliding roofs, so that I can park the car during summer in the shade or in a garage with a completely opened sliding roof for a short while, when I am on the road with child and / or dog and I have to leave the car.

Now these new cars have an automatic system which, not only after having stood open for 6 hours or when it rains (which would be comprehensible), but also when reaching “unusually high temperatures” (which the car defines by itself), especially then!!! the car will, after having left the car a while ago, suddenly close the roof automatically on its own. As this happens totally unexpected and not in any context to the parking of the car it is totally unpredictable and can be deadly, already within a few minutes, for the passengers in the car.”

You cannot see that the car does this! There are no warnings, whatsoever. And all of a sudden, you never know if or when, the roof closes, shortly after you bent around a corner.

This automatic can – we asked a specialist for this car type – not be deactivated and therefore this car is not suited for parents or dog owners, because you never know when you go somewhere, if the temperature is a few degrees higher and the roof will not stay open.

“I would like someone to explain, why a car shuts the sliding roof, just when it gets hot, because you usually leave it open, so that you do not have to get into an overheated car.”

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