peB – the additional pension scheme for your private health insurance

The services of a private health insurance are guaranteed life-long. Good to know, that especially SIGNAL IDUNA does a lot to keep contributions stable when you get older.

Fact is: people are living longer, so that the costs for healthcare and accordingly the contributions for health insurance will be continuously rising. SIGNAL IDUNA Health insurance a.G. as a major health insurance opens a possibility for insured persons up to the age of 55 to additionally make contributions: with a private security contribution – peB. The amount chosen by you will then minor your general contributions to your private health insurance starting at the age you select. Upon signing you decide for your personal relief amount. This amount will then be deduced from your general contribution to your health insurance. The amount and the start of this contribution relief are individually up to you.

  • Contribution relief: you can sign for up to 100 percent of your contributions to full private health insurance. Additionally, you can also secure the peB contributions.
  • Begin of relief: you individually define the time at which the contributions for your private health insurance are to be reduced, any time between 60 and 70 years of age. Payment begins at the first month after reaching the defined age of beginning.

Example peB

Further advantages of peB:

Tax deducibility
The contributions for the compulsory nursing care contribution are 100 tax deductible and the contributions to health insurance are often tax deductible for at least 80 % as provident expenses. This tax deductibility is also valid for peB

Refund of contributions
In case you are refunded contributions to your private health insurance in case of non-use, this also applies accordingly to the peB contribution refund.

Especially for employees
The employer takes over – according to legal regulations – up to 50 % of the peB contributions.

For further information you can directly contact:

Fabian Bartick
Agenturpartner der Bezirksdirektion der SIGNAL IDUNA,
Am Pferdemarkt 1 A
30853 Langenhagen
Telefon: 0511 – 725 955-0
Telefax: 0511 – 725 955-20
Mobil: 0163 – 87 19 66 8

Please state as subject: peB – GP24 – request for information

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